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lock picking card
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The CHAOS Card is a fully loaded Break Away Escape kit with a Functioning Flat Handcuff Key that fits into your wallet. Other tools include lock picks, wafer key, auto rocker, comb picks and a stabby thing. Yes a Stabby Thing!

The tool selection is designed to cover a wide variety of locks and uncomfortably situations.

Break Away Components

1. Short Hook
2. Triple Peak
3. Auto Rocker/Jiggler
4. Short Wafer Pick
5. Four and Five comb pick
6. Tension bar
7. Stabby Thing (If you are questioning if this really is a "stabby thing" ask a Prison Guard for their opinion)
8. Handcuff Key - works on regulation handcuffs Smith & Wesson, Peerless...Others

Handcuff key - How does that Work?

Well it's half a key but that's all you need - it is the shape that is important.
The half barrel design can bypass the restricted keyway of many regulation handcuffs opening then easily.