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DSTIKE 10dBi Omnidirectional WiFi Antenna

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Regular price $15.00
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Welcome to our product page! We are proud to introduce a high-gain 10dBi omnidirectional WiFi antenna that provides exceptional signal enhancement for your wireless network connection. Whether you're at home, in the office, or at a commercial venue, this antenna will deliver strong and stable WiFi signal coverage.

Key Features:

  • High-gain performance: This omnidirectional WiFi antenna stands out with its impressive 10dBi gain, significantly improving the transmission range and signal quality of your wireless network. You will experience extended signal coverage and a more stable connection.

  • Omnidirectional radiation: The antenna's design allows for 360-degree coverage, evenly distributing WiFi signals and ensuring powerful signal reception for your devices, no matter where they are placed.

  • Frequency range: Suitable for the frequency range of 2400-2500MHz, compatible with most WiFi devices, providing versatile application options.

  • Polarization: Vertical polarization enables better adaptation to wireless signal transmission requirements, offering more stable and efficient signal reception and transmission.

  • Low Standing Wave Ratio (S.W.R.): With an S.W.R. of <=1.5, this antenna minimizes signal reflection and loss, ensuring a reliable and high-quality wireless network connection.

  • Impedance and Connector: The antenna features a 50-ohm impedance and is equipped with an IPEX connector, making it compatible with a wide range of WiFi devices and facilitating easy installation and connection.

  • Compact size: With a size of 195mm, the antenna is compact and lightweight, allowing for easy installation and portability.

Upgrade your wireless network experience for work, entertainment, or everyday life with this 10dBi omnidirectional WiFi antenna. Purchase today and enjoy a high-speed and stable wireless connection!