5x5 Lock Pick Bundle: Comprehensive Selection for Locksport Enthusiasts

Whether you're a seasoned locksmith, an enthusiast of locksport, or a curious hobbyist with a penchant for challenges, having the ideal toolkit matters. You'll be glad to learn of the 5x5 Lock Pick Bundle, a comprehensive selection of lock pick tools custom-made for the locksport community and designed to crack the most sophisticated locking systems. This article will take you through this fantastic set, its features, and why it is a must-have for lock picking enthusiasts.

A Glimpse into the 5x5 Lock Pick Bundle

Forged with precision and versatility in mind, the 5x5 Lock Pick Bundle boasts 25 lock pick tools, accompanied by 25 tension wrenches and various accessories. These tools will enable an enthusiast to conquer various types of locks from customary home locks to advanced padlocks and vaults. These tools, manufactured with sophisticated materials such as stainless steel and titanium, are created with longevity and reliability in mind.

Lock Picks in the Bundle

The 5x5 Lock Pick Bundle consists of five sets of lock picks. Each set is specialized to cater to a specific locking mechanism. The hooks and rakes in the bundle are geared towards single-pin and rake picking, allowing you to tackle padlocks and pin tumbler locks. Ball picks allow you to navigate wafer locks, popular in desks and cabinets, while diamond picks are for disc tumbler locks frequently found securing mailboxes and lockers. Finally, the decoders and extractors assist in decoding combination locks and removing broken keys, respectively. Each tool is designed with a non-slip grip, ensuring comfort and precision throughout the lock-picking process.

Accompanying Tension Wrenches

No lock picking toolkit is complete without tension wrenches, and with the 5x5 Lock Pick Bundle, you're spoilt for choice. Twenty-five different tension wrenches accompany the lock picks. Ranging from bottom of keyway (BOK) to top of keyway (TOK) wrenches, you have tools ready to deal with varying keyways and tension requirements. These wrenches ensure the correct pressure is applied at the right place during lock picking, essential for maintaining pins in the picked position.

Additional Tools and Accessories

Besides the primary lock picks and tension wrenches, the 5x5 Lock Pick Bundle also houses extra accessories to aid the lock picking process. A plug spinner, for instance, is invaluable for locks that need to be turned in the opposite direction once picked. Additionally, the bundle contains broken key extractors to help remove snapped keys from locks. There are also the practice locks that facilitate progressive learning and mastering of different lock types.

Why it's a Must-Have for Locksport Enthusiasts

The 5x5 Lock Pick Bundle offers unrivaled versatility. With the assortment of tools it houses, it can facilitate beginners, intermediates, and advanced lock pickers alike. For beginners, the basic picks and the variety of practice locks in the set provide a great entrance point for learning and mastering this craft. For intermediates and advanced lock pickers, the variety of specialized tools offers a means to progress and challenge themselves further.

Besides versatility, the quality of the tools is another compelling point for investing in the 5x5 Lock Pick Bundle. The durability of the picks and wrenches, made from top-grade stainless steel and titanium, means that the bundle is not only a one-time purchase but an investment for years to come. The comfortable and non-slip grip on the picks ensures easy and precise handling during practice or in competitions.


Everyone with a curiosity for locksport requires a toolkit that matches their interest - one that is versatile, comprehensive, and durable. The 5x5 Lock Pick Bundle has been meticulously crafted to meet these needs, providing all the essentials and more for successful lock picking adventures. Whether you're embarking on your journey into locksport or looking to upgrade your existing toolkit, this bundle proves to be a worthy companion.

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